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Do Replicas Hold any Value?

When it comes to paintings, sculptures or any other form of art the original always holds tremendous more value than any reproduction or replica.  That begs the question do replicas hold any value.  The answer is yes and no.  While prints are often thought of as just copies of a more valuable piece of art and not worth investing in there are some exceptions to that rule.  Prints by Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec have sold for more than seven figures.

Why Buy Prints or Replicas?

For most people original art work is well out of their price range but that doesn’t mean that they can’t appreciate the beauty of the artists’ creations.  Prints allow you to gaze at a Michelangelo or a Rembrandt on the walls of your home without having to be a billionaire.  Not only that but you can line your walls with every painting done by Picasso.

Prints Or Reproductions

Not all art prints are reproductions of old masters or some other famous artists.  There are plenty of photographers and other artists that specialize in prints.  Original prints are different from those that are just copies of someone else’s work.  Copies of another artists work are referred to as reproductions and those don’t really hold any value.  Prints on the other hand are original pieces of an artist’s work and usually there are a limited number of prints available and that will add to the price and the future value of a print.

Signed Prints

Artists will sign their work in the bottom corner of a piece of art, this indicates the artist takes credit and ownership of the work.  Signatures are one of the ways of determining the creator of a piece and to verify its authenticity.  Signed prints can have two signatures by the artist.  When you are buying a print that has been signed by the artist it is going to be worth more.

Limited Edition Prints

When prints are made they are produced in editions, much like books.  Each edition contains a certain number of prints.  You have unlimited edition prints where the work will continue to be printed as long as it sells.  The other option are limited edition prints where there can be 2 or thousands of prints.  Prints from limited editions command larger prices than unlimited print runs.

Replicas may not be an investment in art however that doesn’t mean replica art pieces can’t be used to decorate your home and to give you pleasure.  If you can stretch your budget to some limited edition prints that might be a better investment.

What is a Replica?

What is a replica?  It is effectively a copy of a piece of art made by a famous artist meant to be identical to the original.  If you have ever been to a museum gift shop you will find plenty of replicas of famous art pieces for sale inside.  A good replica will bring the piece of art to life and allow you to see and touch it where you cannot touch the original.  Try touching the original Mona Lisa in the Louvre and you will find yourself in a French prison very quickly.  You will find plenty of replicas of that and other famous paintings or pieces of art all over the world.

Is it Exactly Like the Original?

Replicas and reproductions are meant to look exactly like the originals, but there are some differences.  For example you can buy posters of famous paintings almost everywhere and while they capture the same images and colors they do not adequately capture the fine detail or the brush strokes of the original.  It is simply not the same.

Hand painted replicas are more than just transferring a photographic image onto a large piece of paper they are much better than that.  These are hand painted by artists who have spent years studying their craft and learning the same techniques that the original painter used.  Many are indistinguishable from the original unless you are an art expert yourself.  These paintings are near museum quality, in fact there has been more than one replica or forgery discovered in museums all over the world.

Not Just Paintings that are Replicated

It is not just paintings that are replicated and sold as curios it all kinds of different pieces of art from tapestries to bronze statues.  For instance replica sculptures are created all the time to decorate homes and businesses.  These are made using the “lost wax method”.  This method of casting bronze dates back more than 6,000 years.  In the early days the statues were made from solid bronze for nearly 4,000 years until artist discovered how to make them hollow.  Good replicas, those that aren’t mass produced are often made using the same techniques of the original artists.

Is this Legal

Actually yes it is completely legal.  A reputable museum will emphasize the fact that they are replicas of the original, they are long passed out of copyright and are part of the public domain.  You can still brighten up your home with classic looking pieces of art  when the original is way out of your budget.