Finding Canvas Art Reproductions

If you are trying to find some really good reproductions of classic or renaissance art then you have probably turned to the internet to find some great pieces to hang on your walls.  Finding pieces that are well done and at a fair price isn’t easy.  There are plenty of reproduction companies in Asia that will offer “museum” quality paintings for less than $100.  You simply cannot get good art for that price, reproductions or not.  Finding canvas art reproductions that are good quality is harder than you’d think, but fortunately we are here to help.

The Price

If you want a hand painted reproduction of one of the old masters or even something a little newer then you can expect to pay for it.  Just because one artist is copying the style of another doesn’t negate their time and talent.  While you can get some very cheap reproductions they probably won’t be done on canvas or they will be mass produced by machines rather than hand painted.  You want a reproduction to not only look like the original but to have it painted in the same style as the original.

Check Portfolios

If you are shopping online for a canvas reproduction and you’re trying to determine good reproductions from bad the first thing you want to do is to check out their portfolio of work.  This will give you an idea of the type of work they do along with the quality.  If they don’t have anything on their site for you to look at you have two options.  The first is to ask for some samples to be emailed to you and the other is to keep shopping.  Any artist not willing to show the quality of their work doesn’t deserve your money.  Most likely the reason they won’t show you the reproductions they do is because the quality is inferior.  Time to keep looking.

Quality of the Canvas

It is not just the quality of the art work you need to be concerned about you also need to make sure they are using good quality materials including the right canvases.  There are huge differences between the different types of canvases available from the cheap nylon canvases to the much better quality linen canvases.  Again price will reflect the quality of the materials being used. If you want a good quality replica canvas painting then take your time to shop around and find a reputable artist who can do the work for you.